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Long-term leases come with a lower monthly rate. All trailers are five years or newer. Depending on your needs and a trailer type, regular maintenance, and the following services can be included in your lease program, at a slightly higher fixed cost:

  • Brake parts and labor due to normal wear and tear.
  • Tire replacement due to normal wear and tear. Punctures, damages, or blowouts of any kind are not covered.
  • Shock absorbers due to normal wear and tear.
  • Rotating parts such as door hinges on older trailers.

This full-service price does not include damage repair or insurance claim handling, towing charges and storage, abnormal wear or damage of tires, insurances, fuel, and VAT.

Inadequately maintained trailers while under long-term lease could result in premature wear of certain parts. In those situations, repair costs are considered damages and not regular wear. Please make sure to lubricate rotating parts, check tire pressure, and do not use trailers in applications or environments it is not suited for.

With long-term leases, you are allowed to use the trailer for a defined period and rate. Torrent Leasing retains ownership of the trailer during and after the term.

Leasing reduces the cost impact for acquisition because leasing does not require a down payment. Costs will spread over the life of the lease term, which means you can retain existing capital for financing your core business operations and investments.

Here are the advantages that Torrent Leasing can bring to your industry:

  • Improved cash flow
  • No down payment*
  • Tax advantages
  • Consistent operating costs
  • Keep up with the latest equipment without having to purchase
  • Full Maintenance Lease

Whether you need a single unit or want to add or replace a group of trailers, our full-service lease solutions are customized to meet your business’ financial and operational needs.


With a lease-purchase option we give you the flexibility to purchase the trailer at the end of the lease term for a pre-determined residual price set in the contract.
At the end of your lease term, you will be afforded the opportunity to either purchase the trailer at the residual value or you will have the option of simply walking away with no further obligation.
You can also have an early termination option on this type of lease which gives you even more flexibility.

Torrent Leasing purchase solutions are tailored to your needs providing you with all the opportunities for the affordable and quick purchase of new or used trailers.

Here are the advantages that Torrent Leasing can bring to your industry:

  • Improved cash flow
  • No down payment*
  • Tax advantages
  • Affordable weekly payment until the trailer is paid off
  • Option to purchase the trailer at any time
  • Occupational Accident Insurance




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